Advanced stepping functions

Step to and from the target of functional objects, skip standard functions while stepping, customize step behavior with regular expressions.

Debugging functional style code

Display values of lambda expressions and the standard functional objects.

Full support of the standard library

Full support of classes from both libstdc++ and libc++ libraries: containers, functional objects, tuples, std::any, and more.

Cross platform

Supported Linux, Windows and Mac OS X with gcc and clang compilers.

VS Code Extension

Use advanced debugging functionality with modern VS Code IDE.

Android debugging support

Debug native C++ applications in one click on local Android devices and emulators.

Recent News

Support of the std::chrono and regular expression types, new deb/rpm/dmg installers, support of the Apple M1 architecture, small improvements and bug fixes.

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Improved displaying values of pointers, launching without debugging on Android in VS Code, breakpoints in running process, and more!

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Bug fix in displaying std::unique_ptr and other minor bug fixes.

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