SymLevel C++ Debugger 1.6.0

Release date: Jul 18, 2021

Release Notes

New features

  • Displaying values of pointers and addresses of structures
  • [VS Code] Launching without debugging on Android device or emulator
  • [VS Code] Displaying correct position in source code on assertion failures
  • [Standalone] Adding and changing breakpoints while debuggee process is running

Small improvements

  • Improved performance of formatting variable values
  • Added support of displaying debugger log in the output panel
  • [Standalone] Implemented correct formatting of parameter values in call stack
  • [Standalone] Small UI improvements in standalone debugger

Bug fixes

  • The debugger now correctly stops lldb-server on an Android device or emulator
  • [Standalone] Fixed debugger terminal input for remote platforms in the standalone debugger
  • [Standalone] Fixed bug in handling parameters of the expr debugger command
  • [Standalone] Removed console windows for launching Android platform utilities on the Windows platform