What’s new in SymLevel C++ Debugger 1.7

Displaying values of the std::chrono types

Now you can see values of the std::chrono types in human-readable form.

SLDB displays values of the std::chrono::duration types in the normalized form (months, days, hours, etc.). You can also see duration values in different time units.

There is a special handler for the std::chrono::system_clock type that displays values of associated time points in human-readable time format. You can also see distinct units of a system clock time point.

Displaying values of match results of regular expressions

SLDB displays values of the std::sub_match types as strings, and values of the std::match_results types as standard containers of the std::sub_match items. With this features, you can see matching results as a container of strings.

Small improvements

  • step-through-regexp setting in debugger terminal
  • DEB/RPM installers for Linux and DMG installer for Mac OS
  • Apple M1 architecture support for Mac OS

Bug fixes

  • Fixed bugs in displaying values of the std::function type and lambdas for new compilers
  • Fixed bug in displaying values of the std::string type from libc++ on Mac OS
  • Fixed formatting of base clases
  • Fixed small bugs in Locals and Watch panels in the standalone debugger
  • Fixed critical bug in resolving dynamic class types